We’d love to go on about all the ways Solstice at Santa Rosa can accommodate and cater to you, but our residents and families do it so much better! Read all the great things our family has to say about us below.

My visit to Solstice Senior Living at Santa Rosa was very good
The dining area was being renovated, we just saw where it was, but we didn't see the finished product. They showed us all the apartments and most of them were empty, but they looked fine, quite large, and they have a kitchenette. The gentleman who took us around was very knowledgeable, personable, easy to talk to, knew all his clients, and he was quite good. The facility was very nice, clean, and they're renovating and repainting it.
They just have the little added touches that really make it great

"My father moved into Solstice Senior Living at Santa Rosa. They were very accommodating and very organized. He was able to upgrade to a slightly larger apartment, which was very nice. They had a special going on at the time, which also made it more feasible to get him in there. He's very comfortable. They're doing a great job. They have studios, but he went with an apartment. The staff is great. They have a lot of activities. They have a calendar for each week, they have the creative center where you can go and make decorations, and they have a quiet place to read your books and that type of thing. They have little get-togethers in their big front area of the place. They recently celebrated somebody's birthday, and they had a "Welcome Home" sign out in the front when my father got there, which made him feel very special. He loves the meals, and he's a very picky eater. The facility is very nice. Of the ones we visited, Solstice was the only one that has not had a COVID case."

The value of the services here is very good

"Solstice Senior Living at Santa Rosa was very welcoming when we came here. The place is very nice and light, and we like our apartment. We’re very happy here, plus the residents are extremely friendly and nice. We like the feeling of the whole place. They have studios, 1-bedrooms and 2-bedrooms, and we’re in a 2-bedroom on the second floor. They have a lot of activities, they have workshops, an art studio, and they play all kinds of games. The food is very good. It’s nice and they give you good variety; it’s not the same food all the time. We get breakfast, lunch and dinner. They have a salad bar where you can just get salads, and they give out fruits. Plus they have the best chocolate chip cookies you could eat. We like it, and we’re happy we made the decision to move. They have a beauty salon and a big library, and a lot of residents have donated books. For the exercise room, they have bikes. They also have a walking club, and they do all kinds of things. It’s a very active community since it’s all just independent living. And they give you a little thing that you could wear around your neck, and in case you have an emergency, you just press the button and they’ll come to help you. For what we pay here and what we get, the value of the services here is very good. Unlike other places where you have to buy in, they don’t do that here; they just charge you for monthly rent. The staff are the nicest people, friendly and wonderful. I can’t say enough. Their dining room overlooked the mountains, and it’s a beautiful view, which is a big feature we really liked."

Both staff and residents are very friendly

"The building is a pleasant place, with open, Italianate architecture. The food is good. There are many activities. They allow pets."

Laura S.

A wonderful and vibrant active senior living community!

"The new Culinary Services Director makes our restaurant dining an incredible and enriching experience. Come and see!"

Karin B.

Home away from home

"Highly recommend you going in to visit! Restaurant style service, daily activities, and unforgettable staff and residents! Away from traffic, beautiful scenery. Don’t believe me? Go see so for yourself!"

Ericka W.

Staff and residents are a joy in interact with!

Blythe S.
Friendly, clean, energized atmosphere
Debbie P.

You’ll love calling Solstice at Santa Rosa home.

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